Wikimedia Downloads Historical Archives

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daily dumps of additions/changes to content (Experimental!)

These dumps, one or two for the various projects for the years listed below, are provided as historical material only. For the earlier files, '''do not try to import these into a current installation of MediaWiki.''' The dumps are in varying formats depending on when they were created. Happy perusing!

2001 (UseModWiki) tarballs of the directory
2001 (UseModWiki) dump converted to MediaWiki XML
2002 (UseModWiki) tarballs of the directory
2003 (phpwiki?) dumps of sql tables
2005 (MediaWiki 1.5?) XML files, warning: old schema!
2006 (MediaWiki 1.5+) XML files
2007 XML files
2010 XML files

You can also find a few dumps of the English language Wikipedia in the directories below that aren't included in the above list.

Note that the 20100312 page-meta-history files are incomplete.